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2014 Ryan's First Place 2:05 YouTube    
2013 Kyle & Steven Graduation 6:01 X X      
2013 Laurie's Birthday 3:54 X X X    
2013 Grandkids On Swing Island (video by Gary St. Jean) 3:42   X      
2013 Mandalay Bay Hotel 2:21 X X      
2013 Walt's Salmon 2:14 X X X    
2013 Ice Sculptures in Alaska 1:53 X X      
2013 Bears in the Alaskan Tundra 0:43   X      
2013 Alaskan Glacier by Helicopter 9:57   X      
2013 Alaskan Glacier from Ship 3:52 X X      
2009 Space Shuttle Launch (March, Cape Canaveral) 2:53 X X X    
2007 Sydney & Ryan Layton Baptism 4:26 X X      
1981 Serena (Spelhaug) Flagstad - digitized cassette tape
Interviewed by Milton & Marge (Spelhaug) Layton; husband George Flagstad also heard, May 1981
38:00       X  
Bob & Laurrie Before Kids            
1966-1968 WSU and Delta Chi 10:26 X        
1963 California Trip
Redwoods, San Franciso (Pip & Jack Hurley), Disneyland, Marineland, San Diego Zoo, Tiajuana
22:13 You Tube    
1962 Crater Lake Trip 6:59 X X      
1962 Nevada and National Parks
Reno, Virginia City, Lake Tahoe; Bryce Canyon, Zion, & Grand Canyon; Las Vegas
15:39 X X      
1961 Century 21 (Seattle World's Fair) 16:08 X X      
1960's Confirmation & Walther League 3:28 YouTube    
1960's Chehalis Friends & Neighbors:
Larry Shaw, Pete Butkus, Mark Kent, Rene Remund, Jerry Riley, Glen Bever, Cheryl Jacobson, Mabel Hedwall, Nancy Updegrove
10:49 X X      
Layton Thanksgivings & Christmas's: Elsie, Choppy, Oren, Marie, Struzniks            
1961-1962 Mina Spelhaug Children & Grandchildren
Reunion at Lily's; Dennis Erickson cameo; Clark & Layton camping; Layton confirmation; Clark going-away night
6:22 YouTube    
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Narrator/Topic Format Date/Length Version Commentary
Oren Layton video (VHS conversion) 1987, 70 min dialup Interviewed by Sharon (Aboen) Layton
audio (cassette conversion) 11 min click here Interviewed by Milton Layton
June 1972, 28 min click here Oren, Marie (Long), Milton & Marge (Spelhaug) Layton conversation
July 1981, 20 min click here Oren interviewed by Bob Layton. Laurie (Brandt) and Marie (Long) are heard as is Charlie Nixon and Sharon (Aboen) Layton.
Kristi Layton audio (cassette conversion) June 1974, 11 min click here Portion of "audio letter" to Milton & Marge (Spelhaug) from Bob, Laurie (Brandt) & Kristi Layton
video (8mm film conversion) 1972-1974, 15:22 click here Segments of 8mm Layton movies; East Hartford, Tacoma, Chehalis, Toledo, Willington
Bessie Brandt audio (cassette conversion) Oct 1977, 37 min Side #1 Interviewed by Bob & Laurie (Brandt) Layton
Oct 1977, 12 min Side #2
Sharon Brandt audio (cassette conversion) July 1981, 22 min Side #1 Interviewed by Laurie (Brandt) & Bob Layton
July 1981, 22 min Side #2
Nov 1977, 18 min Side #1 Narrative
Nov 1977, 18 min Side #2
Dec 1977, 20 min click here Narrative
George Brandt audio (cassette conversion) 1973, 37 min click here audio letter from George to Bob & Laurie (Brandt) Layton; reference to "dog" was our "Wolfie"
Mike Brandt audio (cassette conversion) 1972, 30 min click here audio letter to Bob & Laurie (Brandt) Layton from Mike and first wife Cathy Smith after announcement of their engagement; in stereo
Marge Layton audio (cassette conversion) May 1981, 4 min click here Reading a passage about the Spelhaug family
Milton Layton audio (cassette conversion) Apr 1978, 43 min click here Interviewed by Bob Layton
Elsie Dawson audio (cassette conversion) May 1972, 24 min click here Interviewed by Bob Layton; Albert J. "Choppy" Dawson also heard
May 1973, 27 min click here Audio letter from Elsie (Gray) and Choppy Dawson; includes Milton & Marge (Spelhaug) Layton
June 1972, 18 min click here Audio letter from Elsie with Helen (Wagner) & James Gray, Paul Gray, Ruby (Gray) & Paul Christianson, Laura (Layton) & James Conrad
Layton Party audio (cassette conversion) June 1972, 6 min click here Voices of Milton Layton, Layton great aunts & uncles, and cousins during graduation party for cousin Donna (Edmonds') Lawrence's eldest daughter.
Joe Cameron audio (cassette conversion) Sept 1985, __ min Side #1 Narrative. Joe Cameron provided much information for our Wythe County, Virgina Staley family. He never wrote but was willing to talk most anytime I called. This is the only "document" ever received from him.
Sept 1985, 42 min Side #2
James Gray audio (cassette conversion) Apr 1978, 21 min Side #1 Interviewed by Milton Layton
Apr 1978, 14 min Side #2
Laurie's Dance, '71 video (8mm film conversion) 3:22 broadband with George & Sharon Brandt; being revised
Henrys, 1970-1972 video (8mm film conversion) 3:12 broadband with Bob & Laurie, Susan & Kristi
Struzniks video (8mm film conversion) 4:39 broadband Laytons & Struzniks water skiing in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens
2:48 broadband Laytons, Struznik, Dawson holidays

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